Thursday, February 26, 2009

weird week

Took a break from the long run this week. Don't know if that's smart, don't really care, just felt like I wanted to do some shorter, quicker runs and give the bones some rest in between. Monday was Lake Perry, 12.5 miles, 2:07. At 6am Tuesday I met up with Willie Lambert for what turned out to be a nice little 7 miler. That afternoon I did another 10, but at a pace that barely qualifies as jogging. Killed some treadmill incline Wednesday.
Just a very random few days leading up to March, when I'll officially begin the training cycle for spring. Peace.

Friday, February 20, 2009

No need for speed?

So, I have been incorporating some speed work into my running diet. Actually, it's "faster than normal for me" work, which is painfully slow by most folks' standards. While I do think it's helping my development as a runner, it's painful for me and hideous for others to watch. Ever see those fast guys doing their track workouts? Feet barely touching the pavement, both legs working perfectly together, the whole windmill movement of their lower body...beautiful. My legs seem to work independently of each other, with one leg wanting to slow down and the other wanting to stop altogether. As I repeatedly remind myself to "hold form", I discover that my face has scrunched up in a grimace, like I'm gulping suppositories instead of electrolytes. When I concentrate on relaxing, I look down to find my hands flailing about, tensed up, or engaging in a little game of "rock/paper/scissors" betwee my right and left hand. I'm thinking of putting something on speedwork could become an internet must-see.
Today: 6 miles, average of 9:20 per mile off the bike path at Lake Shawnee. I would send you the video if I had one.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Lake Perry yesterday

Even though it has been over a week since we got back from Texas, I didn't feel completely at home until yesterday at Lake Perry. Had a vague plan to get in some miles and ended up running 20. Beautiful mild weather. The trail there is so familiar, and when the weather or time constraints force me to the treadmill it's like I'm being punished. I crave being on that trail the way a weightlifter must crave the squat rack. Good to be home.
This week I'm shifting to 3rd shift for a few months. This should be interesting, I've never slept well during the day. Of course, sleep deprivation workouts should be a major strength by the time I revert to my home shift...see, there is a way to make EVERYTHING about running!

Thursday, February 12, 2009


First run today, flat dirt trail for about 5 miles. Legs felt a bit heavy but didn't feel like I was pushing myself too hard. Will continue to have a light week and start back training next week. Free State is next...

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Don't mess with Texas!

So, on with the details...
Thursday, Willie Lambert and I got on the road for Rocky Raccoon. Drove down to Denton, Texas. Everything is bigger in Texas (I love saying that). Anywho, had pasta at Carino's and turned in for the best night of sleep I've had in awhile. I continued to remind Willie on the trip down "Don't mess with Texas! (I really love saying that). Friday we were on the road for the remaining few hours to Huntsville, got there around lunch and checked in with the KC trail nerds. When I walked up to the shelter, the first thing I saw were all these unusually fit people drinking Red Stripe. EVERYONE had a beer in hand. So, when in Rome...
That afternoon I had car legs and needed to take a walk. Willie and I walked up the race course for about a mile, looked flat and fast. That was going to help, as none of us are heat trained so early in the year and the forecast was for mid-70's to 80'. Later that afternoon I ran into Duncan Callahan, accomplished ultrarunner and cross-country skier. Duncan previously won the Leadville 100, he's the real deal. And let me tell you, he has to be the neatest elite you'll ever meet. He introduced me to his wife, Annie and I got a photo. Cool. The next day on the course as we pass each other heading in different directions Duncan is calling me by name, giving me some runners love. That's why Duncan rules. See, when you're running 7 minute miles, competing for first at everything you do, when shoe contracts and other endorsements are hanging out there, you don't chat it up with some plugger like me who will be lucky to finish the 50 miler without blowing up.'re Duncan Callahan. I'm voting him Coolest Elite Ever. Period.
Later that night Willie suggests steak as the pre-race meal. We went to a local place called The Junction, accidentally ran into Darrin and Darci so we had a nice meal together. Sleep that night was not fitful, I was just ready to get it on. Saturday morning as we are preparing Willie says "Lee, remember...just for today...You need to mess with Texas!" Awesome, thanks Willie.
At 6am Willie and the rest of the KC group took off, with the 50-milers starting an hour later. Through the first loop I felt very strong and relaxed. On the second loop I felt great even as the temps were making things interesting. I was running along with a wonderful soul who pointed out a strong looking runner in front of us and said "She's on pace to finish in under 12 hours". UH-OH, wrong pace for Lee. I stayed with her until the aid station, but after that I kicked it up a notch. I had just gotten so comfortable in "start slow mode" that I just kept it for the first 26 miles or so. Ran in the second lap and had a too-long aid station/drop bag digging stop. Eight minutes was too long and I was fretting leaving out for the last loop.
But it was beautiful. Harder than I had expected in that I was slowing at this point, but still just awesome. I had so much confidence from the last few months training that the last 10 miles just flew by. Learnings from the race:
- confidence and training have to be dialed in for the 100 miler. I saw folks out there who may have skimped on that. Colleen, Nick, Gary, Darrin, and the rest of our group were absolutely dialed in and rocked it, which proved to me that I need to do much more focused training before I attempt the 100.
- have some things I want to tweak this spring, especially in the speed and intermediate distance workouts.
- using the Rachele Pruett mental approach to ultrarunning does alot for me mentally. Rachele would not DNF unless there was an ambulance involved.
- Jenn Franklin helped me clean up my diet the last few months, as well as being the best training partner ever. Jenn has become my pacer of choice. Thanks, Jenn.
- MK Thompson has something nice to say to me everytime we run together. MK is all natural, prescription free happiness. I've never had a bad time with her. Thank you.
- Willie, I don't have the words. Oh, wait a minute, I do...Don't mess with Texas!
- Trail Nerds at large: you guys are awesome!
- To Karen L. and Jenny C, thanks for letting the men go be boys...

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Rocky raccoon short course

First 50 miler down. 10:28:05. YAY!