Friday, January 7, 2011


(Above: in a land far, far away)

Not dwelling on 2010. The short story is that I took DNF to a whole new level, did a number on my hamstring, and fell way short of any goals I had set for running. After the appropriate amount of booze, I went to the calendar and planned this year.

Retraining is gonna take a minute, but in May I'll be doing a 50k or 50 mile in SC. Not sure which option I'm gonna go for, as much of it depends on how quickly my strength returns. If I can't manage speed work by about the third week in April I'll stick with 50K. My feature race is the Speedgoat 50K in July, which I am going to walk with Willie Lambert. Willie was kind enough to register both of us, and it's not too much of a stretch to believe there will be no drinkable alcohol in the entire state of Utah the day after the race, between the two of us. September will see me in Colorado, never been there, and we're gonna spend a week in Steamboat Springs running a couple low-mileage, local events. That, plus I'm excited about the breweries, and need your suggestions if you've been there.

I'll probably throw in a marathon or nine between here and there, but the plans I've set are purposefully low on glitter for several reasons. Aside from a few trips to the brewery, much of the year is planned around diet and strength goals. I have a few, and a mostly vegetarian existence is something I've been toying with for long enough to know I feel better without so much meat in the system.
Somehow, ending this post with a plug for vegetarian diets doesn't seem right, so time for joke of the day: How do porcupines mate? Very carefully! Classic.