Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sweet Tea and Yuengling

Just got back from a week long stay back home. Couple of days in the mountains and a couple days at Mom's. Ran Whiteside Mountain and hiked it a couple of times, legs felt fine and ready for a good long walk around Silverton. The day after we got there I ran a 5k with the wife and my brother. It was his first 5k, and he got 3rd in his age group. I did not place, but had a good time considering that it was a road run and the course was just too generic. Lots of family time, great food, and a tad too little tea and beer. Got to keep my niece and nephew for a few days and did my level best to wear 'em out. Saw an old high school friend, enjoyed all you can eat crab legs, and basked in "real" warm weather, not this bright fake stuff we have in Kansas with no humidity whatsoever.

Booked the ticket and car for Hardrock. Willie and I have a logistics meeting via phone this evening (which basically means I want to warn him I will be spending some time at the Silverton Brewing Company) and then we're all set. As his pacer, I solemnly vow to make him take a shot if we come across any tequila during the run. New pair of Salomons are making the trip. Checked out video of the Million Dollar Highway, and I didn't think it looked scary at all. Guardrails are overrated anyhow, and don't do anything but wake you up before you go plunging off the side of the mountain. The last time Willie and I were together, we did the Western States 85, a little known event in which you're done at Auburn Lakes Trail, and then go back to the hotel and get as drunk as humanly possible. I swear I saw house plants MOVE that morning.