Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Berryman 50

Topsy-turvy week, beginning with the aid station relays for Rock Creek Trail Series #1. From the first person I saw come through the aid station (Gabe Bevan) to the last, it was inspiring. Plus, Willie really takes care of his volunteers. Thankfully the rain held off. Fast dry course.
Got Berryman 50 entry confirmed, filled rather fast. Rick Mayo tells me it's hot, with hills, and possibly standing water.'s Rocky Raccoon, all growed up! Looking forward to the wife being at this one as well. Good times!
Just got word that Dad is in the hospital, heart condition. So, unscheduled trip to Carolina to see them all. Will fuel early-morning and late night runs with REAL sweet tea in between fussing over Dad. Dropping out for about ten days.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Happy feet

Fake summer is awesome! Monday was 10 easy miles on the river trail in Lawrence. Tuesday another 10 on road, only because I know I'll get to spend a few days this weekend at Lake Perry with the Rock Creek Trail Series. What a difference warm weather makes!
Doing around 40 miles a week, increasing slightly leading up to Free State. Can't wait to see everyone at these races...

Friday, March 6, 2009

My constant aid station

It has been an epic week for yours truly when it comes to gear.

I had heard that the Pearl Izumi Infinity compression shorts (read: really cool underwear) were coming in to Great Plains Running Co. this week, so I was pumped about that. When I went in the store to buy a pair I discovered that there was a pair of Mizuno Wave Ascend 4's in my size. I fell in love with the previous version, and they have done a super job with the update so I was waiting on those to come in. New underwear + new shoes = happy boy!

So while I was doing some laundry today I did a little self-inventory of my clothes. I have a pretty respectable inventory, given the amount of time I've been running. I noticed that there was not one piece of gear I could identify as being unnecessary. This is not something I can take credit for, but I think a testament to the folks at Great Plains. See, they don't sell me stuff I don't need. I like my salesfolks to be available but not pushy. Further, they know what the gear is designed to do: this shoe can handle rocky stuff, this shoe likes mud, this shoe will replace your Viagra prescription. Also, the staff there pays attention to the customer. I realize that is not exactly a novel concept, but nothing keeps my wallet closed like needing help with something only to discover the employees at (fill in the blank) are playing grab-ass with each other.

One more thing, and maybe the most important: they value the idea that we all have potential. A year ago I was a fat guy who couldn't have told you the difference between a Saucony and a glazed doughnut. I just knew that I wanted to be a runner. I had a great deal of self-doubt about getting into running, but I had to lose some weight somehow. The staff didn't have any doubts that I could, and thank God for that. And even though I was just in there yesterday, I can't wait to go back.