Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Dr Pepper

Spinach salad to start off the day again. The stuff is rocket fuel and I'm glad summer and fresh produce are right around the corner. Did an hours worth of running and nonstop work stuff since then. Only need to make it 'til Saturday, Jimmy Buffett is rolling into KC and I'm gonna take my liver on a long run.

Tony Clark is in the 10am start group for Badwater. That is perfect, if you know Tony he would not be satisfied unless he's challenged with the hardest possible scenario. Of course, any guy who takes off on a 225 mile weekend jaunt is just not built like the rest of us...

Just finished reviewing the results from Free State. Can't wait to read the reports. I'm curious what the average swim:run ratio was (it's a bit muddy this time of year. Actually, parts of the trail are muddy in AUGUST).

Reading "The Ragged Edge of Silence" by John Francis, so upset over an oil spill back in the early 70's that he spent nearly the next 20 years walking everywhere. And took a vow of silence for about the same time. Considering giving it to some co-workers, maybe that silence thing will stick....

And just so you know, since you've figured out I have nothing to post about...this blog currently fueled by Dr. Pepper. Peace.


davidultra49 said...

Actuallt Lee the course was the driest it has ever been. Just look at the pictures Seekcrun took. Nobody has a drop of mud on them.

Lee said...

Dave, I only looked at ur pics and had assumed you took time to spiff up for the camera!

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