Sunday, May 1, 2011


Running and fitness in general was set aside this weekend in favor of the Buffett concert. Tomfoolery and general merriment were in. I set a personal PR by staying up late two consecutive nights (I am not a night person) and it is a small wonder there is any beer left in Kansas City. I did all I could do. Wowed the crowd with my amazing singing at Howl at the Moon Friday night. Let Buffett do the singing Saturday night while I got absolutely "Wakefielded" on 6 dollar beers.

Past time to get serious about Heartland training. Looking forward to hot weather, dirt road running. Gonna go down to Cassoday a few times this summer, if anyone is up for a half day of jogging let me know. I'll pack a cooler for post-run celebration.


chris mcpeake said...

congrats on your PR .
too funny

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