Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Social animal

Ran all last week, finishing with the Trail Nerds run up at Lake Perry. I did a self-designed loop with Ben's permission and ended up being out there for about four hours. Time constraints prevented me from being out there all day, and I had to save some time for beer. Wakefield won the half marathon, don't know his time but it was something like 17 minutes, and Darin took the 50K title. Any run that has PBR post-race is a necessary event. Met Bonnie and Ron Ruhs from Blair, Nebraska, another great weight loss story for those keeping track.

Joined the Nerds. Got my Hawk membership renewed in March. I'm not a joiner, so big steps for me. Who knows, I might start actually meeting people for runs or coffee. Weird, must be the better weather, but I no longer feel like flinging my poop at everyone I see.

Now that his kids are old enough to wipe themselves, my brother has taken up running. Next on my plate is a 5k with my wife and bro, how cool is that? It's a road run, but you gotta start somewhere. Been working some lower body strength stuff lately, as Hardrock looms and Willie is doing a million vertical feet per week. If altitude makes everything swell beyond normal size, there will be a picture of my junk on this blog soon. And on facebook. And in the local paper. Right now it's raining...time for a run!



davidultra49 said...

God Bless you for not flinging poo at everyone you see!

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